M3App FAQs

What is the M3App

M3App is a mobile tool that allows faculty and peers to document real-time observations of residents and medical students, linked to milestones. The reports available in M3App were designed to facilitate Clinical Competency Committee milestones review process. The M3App also aids faculty development around Milestones.  

What does it look like

  M3App has a button for your smart phone and functions like an app. It is simple in design and has multiple efficiencies built into the system. The beauty is in the reporting, which sorts comments by resident by milestone over time. The latest improvements include new features with references to the ACGME Milestones language and enhanced automated reporting. We’ll send you a sample report if you like!  

What Makes M3App Unique

M3App is narrative driven and has no ratings.  Real-time observations are captured on the go through direct text entry or dictation, in a timely and efficient manner.  The observations are then sorted and reported mapped to specific Milestones.  There is no other similar product available; the M3App truly makes the work of your CCC's easier.

Non-profit Pricing Structure!

 The M3App is copyrighted to UNC and licensed exclusively to our new non-profit organization, Mission3  (www.mission3.org)  The cost for initial set-up and faculty development is $3000, with an annual fee of ~$1000 beginning the following year (slight variations depending on the size of program). With set up, your program gets your own administrative site, set up support, a webinar for core faculty development, faculty development materials, and additional faculty development that happens from use of the app as well as additional webinars prn (up to 3). The funds help cover our server/data fees, technical support, and administrative overhead.    

Want to try it out

 Try the M3App yourself! Simply go to www.M3App.org and login with the username "m3app@unc.edu" and use the password “milestones” to get a firsthand experience with the functionalities.  

What Specialities are available

  Currently the M3App is created for Family Medicine and Internal Medicine programs. If there is support and desire, we can translate it to new primary care specialties; we are currently exploring expansion to Pediatrics.