F3App FAQs

What is the F3App

 F3App (Faculty Feedback Facilitator) is a newly released mobile tool built on the experience we've gained, and in response to requests from existing users of the M3App.  This new tool allows learners and faculty  peers to document real-time observations of medical faculty member's teaching skills, behaviors, and knowledge.   

What does it look like

 F3App has a button for your smart phone and functions like an app. It is  simple in design and has multiple efficiencies built into the system.  There are only two steps required to enter observations.  

The initial release already includes enhanced automated reporting.  We'll send you a sample report if you like!

What Makes F3App Unique

 Built on the same principles as the M3App, the F3App  is narrative driven and has no ratings.  Real-time observations are  captured on the go through direct text entry or dictation, in a timely  and efficient manner.  There is no other similar product available.

Non-proft Pricing Structure!

 The F3App is copyrighted to UNC and licensed exclusively to our non-profit organization, Mission3

 (www.mission3.org).  Current users of the M3App will have a markedly reduced pricing structure - please contact us for specific details. The cost for programs new to the M3App/F3App suite for initial set-up and faculty development for both tools is $4000, with an  annual fee of ~$2000 beginning the following year (slight variations  depending on the size of program). 

Please refer to the M3App FAQ if you are only interested in purchasing one of the tools.

Want to try it out

  Try the F3App yourself! Simply go to www.M3App.org and login with the username "m3app@unc.edu" and use the password “milestones” to get a firsthand experience with the functionalities.   

Is F3App Specialty Specific

No, the beauty of the F3App is that direct observations of faculty behaviors are applicable to anyone in medical education!